Little League.

So there I was, stuck in my house by a plague for two years. With my damned kids. I thought, well shoot I will write a novel, grow a garden, get in shape, solve world hunger, and fix my son’s handwriting etc. Instead I turned into a housewife with a drinking problem.

But I discovered baseball. I always liked baseball, but was not crazy about it; it’s a slow game after all. Then it became our families sanity salvation. When Covid let up a little bit and my kids were chewing the paint off the walls we snapped and threw them into little league. It was what we needed, I never wanted to be a coach but I’m very happy at a batting cage or helping out with the kids.

Dr. Wife kept on working while signing the kids up for stuff and I became a stay at home dad. I’m so dialed in with the PTA and casseroles crowd, it’s insane. I know more kids and moms names than football players. Seriously I will yell at your kid by name if they are screwing up. Also Cheryle, the cookies last week were awesome and I know that ain’t coffee in your mug.

Anyway so I started driving two boys and a girl to baseball games and practices every other day at least, and two times in the same day way too often. Plus I’m running three websites and taking photos for three teams. At least it gave me an excuse to buy nice lenses.

Plus the snack shack, do not get me going on the damned snack shack. So for you delicate tulips who have not survived SoCal little league, this is like church here. It’s like football in Texas, you play, and there is no crying. Our teams have insanely nice fields, and the snack shack is basically a BBQ joint and all the dads have to cook at some point. Think you can’t whip out 67 cheeseburgers in a couple hours? Bet you can. By the way you have to give the league money they get to keep if you don’t “volunteer” to work that grill. But everyone is cool and it creates the environment where the parents all watch each others kids. Welcome to Mayberry. (Leave it to Beaver Joke) for everyone not over 40.

I had no idea about little league, I was a skater rat and briefly played football as a kid, but suddenly I’m in love with the game, I get it, there’s a lot of strategy, and even Dr. Wife and I are in a league now. Lots of moms and dads in knee braces and slow moving but I live for Tuesday nights now.

This is more of a return to being productive since we haven’t written in forever so forgive the dust on my keyboard. It’s rambling I know but I needed to get something out.


4 thoughts on “Little League.

  1. Oh my God, remember when we thought we were going to be productive!? Lockdown? We’ll get SO MUCH DONE! Literally not a single post written since they sent the kids home two years ago. Way to get back on the horse (not a reference for heroin).

    • I’ve loved you and Milk for a long time. My Good Friend,Sharon Herrera, (since we were 10) is friends with y’all’s Mom. Sharon introduced me to y’all several years. I’ve been loving it, and I’m so glad you’re back!

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