Thoughts on Danny Trejo’s Tattoos.

I was watching the Robert Rodriguez film Desperado and I started thinking about Danny Trejo. For the readers who don’t know the name, Danny Trejo is the actor with the craggy face and the giant tattoo of a woman wearing a sombrero on his chest. He often plays villains, and always plays a hard ass. He is a legitimate tough guy in real life who was a boxing champion at San Quentin. Soak that in.

So here are the weird things that popped into my head. If a giant tattoo of a senorita on his chest makes him more menacing, what if somewhere on earth there is a “Super Trejo”. I mean a giant badass who has giant tattoo of Danny Trejo on his chest, with a smaller tattoo of the same senorita on the tattoo Danny Trejo. Would there be a power loop of bad-assery in an infinite loop of Trejo chest tattoos?

Even weirder what if he was born with those tattoos? Was the senorita a little girl when he was a child, and as he aged so did the girl? Why did she stop aging, more importantly why does my brain conjour up shit like this for me to think about.? I wanted to draw it, but there is no way to make something that rad look right without an airbrush and a van to paint it on.

Don’t worry MILK will be back from Central America sometime and will put a stop to my strange ramblings. She got briefly arrested in Panama but I’ll let her tell that story.

Also I had a dream that I met Don Quixote and Pancho. Pancho was this weird thing that looked like a koala bear had a love child with a llama. Don Quixote was riding him like a horse. I did a drawing of it, here you go. Happy Monday.

Don Quixote and Pancho, I wonder how many on the internet even get the windmill in the background?

Don Quixote and Pancho, I wonder how many on the internet even get the windmill in the background?


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