Whiskey’s Guide to Business Travel. Part 1

In honor of MILK’s first business trip this Throwback Thursday we rerun our travel tips.

Milk & Whiskey


Ok sport, you’ve got a job and now they need you to go on the road. It’s possible you’ve never seen the world, outside of that one college trip you can never, ever talk about and now someone wants to pay you to do it? AWESOME SAUCE ON THAT, YES. Well then go out and travel for a bit and get the novelty out of your system, go ahead… I’ll wait.

Alright, novelty gone? Spent enough time hungover with coworkers? Wife pissed off enough? You’re over 30? You’ve seen Detroit? Good; you’re ready.

#1 The Ol’ Switcheroo. One of the biggest risks to your health and sanity is young guys who always want to party at night. It doesn’t matter if you closed three bars the night before, got chased around by hotel security until the sun came up, and then worked a 12 hour day in beautiful Akron.  A…

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