Mexican Thanksgiving.

Here’s our traditional Thursday rerun! Hope some of our new readers like it. For our old readers, it’s like finding five bucks in a coat you haven’t worn in a long time. It was always your five bucks, but hey now you remember it!

Milk & Whiskey

During one phase of my life, I worked the line at a cookie factory called Dough to Go. My jobs included hoisting 50lb bags of sugar and flour, operating mixers, measuring ingredients and, best of all, putting fork marks in peanut butter cookies as they flew by sixteen at a time on a conveyor belt. I was the only white guy on the floor and probably the only guy who spoke English as his first language who was not in the front office.

One day, right before we shut down for Thanksgiving, the guy sitting across the conveyor belt from me gave me a strange look and asked me, “Whiskey, we were wondering what is Thanksgiving about?”

I was about to answer him outright when I decided, instead, to ask him. “What do you guys think?”

This is, I swear to God, is what he said: “Some people in hats…

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