Grandma’s Kisses.

This is a story I was told at work today, and it was too good not to share.

In Wisconsin a group of young guys in high school goes out into the woods before a football game to drink a bottle of gin that one of them swiped from his dad’s liquor cabinet. Being inexperienced at such things, they A: stole gin, and B: failed to bring tonic, juice, vermouth, olives, ice or any of the other stuff that makes gin palatable.

A couple of the guys take swigs, then they pass it to a third guy who remarks, “I’ve never had gin before.”

“It’s kind of gross,” warns his friend.

He takes a pull, and makes a face appropriate to taking a hit of warm gin right from the bottle.  Then he gets a weird look of recognition on his face. He holds the bottle to his nose and takes a sniff.

“Oh my god,” He says.

“What’s up?” another guy asks.

“I think my grandma’s an alcoholic!” 

Everybody loves grandma's kisses.

Everybody loves grandma’s kisses.

Credit for this story goes to Ashish Sharma. “Free Wifi!”


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