Sleep? I Remember Sleep; It Was Lovely. *Sigh*

I think it’s cute how new parents think that having a newborn is the beginning and end of the whole “sleepless nights” thing.


Successful sleep training seems dependent on having pliable kids and a household schedule devoid of chaos. Any professional sleep guru out there who wants to put her money where her mouth is, MILK & Whiskey will be waiting for your call. Consider the gauntlet thrown.

5 thoughts on “Sleep? I Remember Sleep; It Was Lovely. *Sigh*

  1. I’d love to say it gets better as they get older, and it kinda does, except when they do wake up it’s usually something bad. Vomiting in the bed, night terrors, sleep walking, or in my case sleep running out the front door. Most nights my little ones now stay parked, it helps that there is a staircase between us – they really have to think if it’s worth it to come down the stairs. But then there are the nights that they do and boy, there’s nothing freakier than waking up with something staring at you!

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