Kaboom Baby.

I swear my kid has never watched college basketball, but now I live with a six year old Dick Vitale.

My kid has created his own catch phrase that he uses constantly.

“Kaboom Baby!”

It’s getting pretty annoying, it’s like hanging around with a local news sports guy.

Let’s say we’re driving by a construction site, where most six year old construction obsessed boys would just point out and name all the equipment mine adds “Kaboom Baby!” to the end of every thing he really likes.

Him “Hey look dad an excavator!”
Me  “mmmm hmmm”

Him “Kaboom Baby”

Me “…”

Him “Dad dad a front end loader!”

Me “mmmm hmmm”

Him “Kaboom Baby!”

Me thumps forehead on steering wheel.


Him “Kaboom Baby!”

Come home with pizza for dinner… Kaboom Baby!

He wins a level in a video game… Kaboom Baby!

Catches a ball I throw him… Kaboom Baby!

He doesn’t seem to be getting tired of it either, I’m a little frightened that he will grow up into a catch phrase guy. I’ll be watching him walk the walk at his graduation and he will turn to the crowd “Kaboom Baby!” I’ll have my head in my hands.

He is probably doomed to selling the next Slap Chop or Kitchen Magician or whatever the hell on TV. He’s not going to be big enough for pro wrestling.

I’m looking forward to a four hour car ride in a couple days.

Kaboom Baby.


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