MILK Quit?

Hey fans who read our stuff, first let me say thanks from us for stopping by.

It appears my sister is having some sort of mental existential crisis.

Hopefully we will start posting stuff more frequently soon.

In the meantime, it looks like it’s up to ol Whiskey.

But I am not the best at the mom perspective.

Perhaps if we all tell MILK we miss her?

I think it is a sad plea for “shares”.

We need her back soon.

That is all for now.




15 thoughts on “MILK Quit?

  1. Milk! We love you. You are so awesome. All our children are for sure benefitting from your years of scars! I really believe you two are like the Sedaris brother and sister and will one day have a few books. Starting with a collection of all of these.

  2. Please return soon, M.I.L.K! Whiskey’s great and all, but your posts make my day. It’s like looking at my own mothering experience through a lens of coolness. The way you dealt with the tooth fairy situation was inspired, and I’ve filled it away in my parenting playbook for whenever I (inevitably) forget. Come back soon, but not before you’re ready. We’ll be here!

  3. I know the feeling M.I.L.K! It all seems a little thankless sometimes or even most of the time. But I do very much hope you come back because we love you and you are the perfect antidote to all the saccharine wanky inspo MWAH xoxo luv ya darl bullshit mum blogs out there. Plus, unlike you WHISKEY doesn’t reply to my comments or leave awesome comments on my blog, the lazy sod. (No offence.) Take your time… but hurry back. 😭😭😭

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