A Cold Beer and a Hamburger.

We’re bringing this one back for Veteran’s Day, with love for all our grandfathers.

Milk & Whiskey

Art was a painter and a badass. He was also a Catholic Mexican-Swede. In ethnic joke form; it’s like he would build a great car and then put a bull sticker in the back window. He raised, or at least was present for the raising of, three boys. I have two boys, so I can empathize. Finally, he earned his peace and joined his wife as a bucket of ashes tossed into the Pacific Ocean.

We miss him like hell. Someday, we’ll join him. Not today, hopefully, but someday.

But this is Memorial Day, so let’s spend a few minutes remembering.

“Gramps” as we all called him was a veteran. He served in WW2 in the Pacific Theater. Initially he had a pretty sweet gig. He was stationed in Hawaii as an officer with not too much to do other than make sure the Mai Tai’s were up to par, and there were still pretty…

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