Whiskey Fails as a Copy Writer

In an alternate universe, Whiskey was once given a job writing copy for travel brochures and postcards, etc. Here is why he no longer is asked to do this:



Visit Long Beach California. Neck Tattoo Capital of SoCal!


Texas! Why Not?

Orlando Florida, “Vegas for Mormons.”

Branson Missouri, “We can drive there!”

Arizona “Sunlight is Cocaine for Rattlesnakes!”

Arizona, “Buy a gun, stay for the fun”

Far off Australia. “Really, really, really far off.”

San Francisco, “Panhandler’s Paradise!”

Australia, Where everything is trying to kill you.

Australia, “Have you been on a longer flight? How? Are you an astronaut?”

Russia. “F*ck it, pass the vodka”

Exotic Panama, “David Lee Roth’s Paradise.”



Panama, “Those bites will heal in a month, senor”

Mexico! “You’ll lose your head over it!”

Visit Exotic, Exciting Sudan… “Just kidding, we’re f*cking with you.”


Wyoming. “Be alone, very alone. And maybe go fly fishing.”

Alaska, “Are you here to make money, kill an animal, or hide from something? No? You must be a reality show!”

Columbia, “Mostly safe now.”

Tijuana, “Let’s Blackout!”

Reno, Nevada, “Everything’s Clicking Now!”


Central Africa “Nice Knowing You!”

Nigeria, “No, we don’t have the money you sent us.”

Venice Italy, “While it’s still above water!”

Virginia, “You can smoke freely.”

We love you Bruce!

We love you Bruce!


READER CHALLENGE: Leave your own travel snark in the comments and Whiskey will make postcards of the best. Do your worst, fellow travelers.






11 thoughts on “Whiskey Fails as a Copy Writer

  1. Las Vegas
    Not everyone wakes up in a bathtub full of ice with only one kidney

    Boulder, CO
    All cross country drug trafficking goes through here

    Eureka, CA
    Lots of pot, not so many fill sets of teeth

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