4 thoughts on “A Gift and a Curse

  1. Reblogged this on Milk & Whiskey and commented:

    I’m doing a major Spring purge to make room for my next bout of bad decision making at Value Village. I don’t so much buy clothes, as rent them from thrift shops.

    It reminded me of this knitting cartoon I drew last year.

    You come across a lot of seriously weird homemade “clothes” thrift shopping. I like to think those disastrous creations – the sad end product of way too much time and effort – have a chance of finding the right home. But probably not.

  2. The Goodwill has always been a mystery to me. As I sift through the road-safety orange socks, the lime-green stretch pants, the striped t-shirts and the implausible shoes, I ask myself, “How does this stuff get into the stream?” Who buys it in the first place? Why would a company manufacture it? Why doesn’t someone, somewhere along the line say, “Uh, let’s not do that.”

    Here is a list of better questions, why doesn’t someone, somewhere along the line say?

    “How can you be so cruel as to give that to the Goodwill?.”

    “What if someone traces it back to us?”

    “The trash can is a lot closer than the Goodwill…”

    • I’ll often spare a moment of reverence when I come across something particularly amazing. “Someone WORE this,” I’ll whisper, careful not to get to close. “An actual brand of clothing MADE this and someone BOUGHT it and PUT IT ON HER BODY.” It’s remarkable.

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