Wrong Boob!

When I was in high school I was riding in the back of a car with my girlfriend and her best friend. This really happened on accident I swear. I present it to the world as a cautionary lesson in being “smooth“.

Smooth as Sade in a hot tub full of honey, that is inside a vat of coco butter...

Smooth as Sade in a hot tub full of honey, inside a vat of coco butter…

When you are in a car backseat with your lady friend you may be tempted to go for the arm across her shoulders move where eventually your hand lands on her breast. This is smooth, and has been a standard move ever since Henry Ford rolled out the first Model T. I believe the technical term is “copping a feel”.

The risk occurs when your lady has another girl sitting next to her.  If you are not paying attention when you pull said move you may end up landing on the wrong boob. Awkward…. Also it leads to uncomfortable questioning about how much of an accident this was.

Not as smooth.

Not as smooth. If only you were aware enough to appreciate it.

This little tip can save you from an uncomfortable situation, and possibly an argument or series of wild accusations. However if you’re Charlie Sheen, then just go for it I guess. Somehow I doubt that Charlie Sheen will read this.

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