Finally, a Toy for the Budding Pharmacist (or RX Drug Addict) in Your Life.

Here’s a toy I’m curious about.

lil lockpickEvery once in a while you hear about some two-year-old who lets himself out of the house while mom is taking a shower, wanders off down the street, into the woods, and is miraculously recovered the next day sporting nothing but a full diaper and a necklace of bear teeth. This toy is where that starts. WHY on earth would you want to teach a toddler how to undo every locking mechanism you have in your house? Is there really no better way to work on fine motor skills? Did they finally stop making those puzzle boxes from Hellraiser that open some other dimension into your life?

It does give me an idea for a whole range of toys that single, childless people can give parent friends as gifts. L’il Lockpick could be the next stage in this fun series. Or, hey, why not throw some of that so-called “baby-proofing” tech on one of those boards, help the kids figure out how to get into that cabinet under the sink!

I think I’ll start simple, though, just to get things rolling. Here’s my prototype for a great new toy I’m calling L’il Pharmacist (trademark). lil pharmaTeaches fine motor, gross motor, gag reflex & survival skills! I think it’ll be THE go to toy for this X-mas, so pre-order yours today. You also might want to call ahead to the ER – the wait times are about to go up.

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