Open VS. Shut

Open VS. Shut

If you own a cat or neurotic dog, I’m sure you’ve experienced this.

Our cat’s only real job in life, other than keeping our home mouse free, appears to be sleeping and eating. If you’re good in this life, you may get to be a spoiled house cat in the next. Anyway the only thing that drives my cat, and by proxy myself, nuts is closing the hallway door.

In our apartment, this one door controls access to four other doors. As any West Point graduate or avid Military Channel viewer can tell you, this makes it strategically vital for control of our domicile. The cat knows this. Unfortunately, we also have a very light-sleeping baby, so when mom goes to put him to bed, she closes this door. This creates a situation where, every five minutes, I have to chase the little furry stress-case off the door because she is making an insane racket.

The evening plays out like this:  I run her off. Then, just as I’m really settling into my ass groove in the couch, she comes creeping back. Upon reaching the door, she will either claw the rug, or frantically claw at the door itself.  I make hissing sounds, I squirt water, and finally I bum rush a cat. The cat runs off.


2 thoughts on “HOW CATS SEE A DOOR.

  1. The closed door conundrum is also true for toddlers, no matter what side of the door they’re on, it’s the wrong one! Heaven forbid they miss anything!

  2. Right now my cat is engrossed in the bedroom door because my husband- heaven forbid- is in there and not making himself available for the cats affections. I’m waiting to see if he gets the ankle rub of tripping or the feet attack of doom upon leaving.

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